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Just One Ingredient

Our (not-so-secret) secret to success

At JOI, we stand for Just One Ingredient (literally). Our products are made with minimal, whole, quality ingredients, thoughtfully sourced and minimally processed to create the most delicious and pure plant milks possible.

We use whole blanched almonds, which are high in antioxidants, vitamin E, protein, healthy fat and fiber

Cashews are low in sugar and rich in fiber, heart-healthy fats, and plant protein.

Oats are high in protein, contain essential fats and are rich in minerals like zinc, calcium, magnesium and iron.

We use hulled hemp seeds rich in protein, fiber and healthy fatty acids, including omega-3s and omega-6s.

We “concentrate” on the good stuff , which means:

Zero preservatives, gums, additives or vegetable oils

Being J.O.I. means our plant milk concentrates only contain the good stuff - nothing that you can't pronounce (or digest for that matter!)

Naturally long shelf life (without refrigeration)

J.O.I means we can rely on the natrually long shelf life of the ingredient itself, without the use of a refrigerator, chemical, or perservatives.

Maximum purity and delicious, all natural flavor

Our proprietary process ensures every ingredient stays as true to its raw state as possible (while still safe to eat) - nothing is roasted or adulterated.

All the nutritional benefits, just as nature intended

Because everything is minimally processed, you get all the natural protein, fat and fiver of the ingredient - nothing is compromised!

100% Customizable creaminess and flavor

So you like milk sweet? Super creamy? Low fat? Tailor-make your plant milk for whatever purpose you need it for. The possibilities are endless!

The JOI Milk Club

Join the JOI Milk Club and get rewarded for every dollar spent. You can also get discounted JOI delivered on the regular - never run out of (plant) milk again!

Our Bestsellers

Instant Organic Oat & Almond 2-Pack
1.42 lb & 15 oz / Makes 15 quarts

Full fat Almond Base and our, oil free Oat Milk Powder.

Almond & Cashew Base 2-Pack
15 oz ea / Makes 14 quarts

Full fat, full protein, slightly sweet? Yes, please.

Instant Organic Oat Milk 2-Pack
1.42 lb ea / Makes 16 quarts

Oil free and waste free Oat Milk never tasted so good.

Organic Almond & Organic Cashew 2-Pack
15 oz ea / Makes 14 quarts

Looking for a fully organic dynamic duo? Look no further.