Clean, nutritious plant milk in 30 seconds or less

With plant bases made from minimal, whole, all natural ingredients.

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Clean, nutritious plant milk in 30 seconds or less

With plant bases made from minimal, whole, all natural ingredients.

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Easy as A, B, E...

How It Works


1-2 tablespoons of JOI
to 1 cup of water


for 30 seconds on medium high


Use as needed - store
refrigerated for up to 7 days

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Hear what others have to say:

Never Going Back

Better for your health, taste buds, and the earth… it’s on auto ship and I can customize the concentration for smoothies—I’m never going back to buying watered down, full of preservatives in a non-recyclable carton milk again.

Ann M.

Full Flavor

Delicious full flavor, almost too creamy and full of wonderful oil. so I’ll probably have to add more water. So much love, so heavenly. If only organic- I’d pay more for organic ( for good farming practices!) Then absolutely perfect

Kendra B.

Best Almond Milk Ever

I’m a 20 year vegan, I’ve tried all the milks & even made my own from almonds. Nothing is better than Joi. Customer for life.

OlaOmi A.

Game changer

I do not use milk daily and was wasting the half gallons I would buy. This is such a game changer, I can now make as a little or as much as I want..


A great way to customize your milk and creamer the way YOU want it!

I love JOI. I use it to make my plant based milk and coffee creamer. I use half organic almond/half cashew for the creamer and add real vanilla bean, vanilla extract and honey. Delicious! I also use either cashew milk for savory dishes and the organic almond for the sweet recipes. So convenient and easy to use. The best part is you can customize it the way you want it.

Anne B.

Life changing product freeing fridge and trash space

I have been consuming nut milks for many years. I settled on almond milk, but even the better brands have many additives are are packaged in cartons that can not be recycled JOI has been absolutely life changing for me. I just switched to the organic almond base and love using the cashew base for cooking. No more packed fridge and full trash cans. No more unwanted additives. Just plant based milk happiness.

Carolina L.


I started with the almond to see how it would taste, I will never buy nut milk in the store again. It’s easy to add the JOI to filtered water, mix it up and lick the spoon, it’s that good! I just reordered the almond and macadamia. This is the real deal and the taste is heavenly.

Helen G.

My family LOVES this!

We started with almond and have expanded to I mix them together! My family LOVES it - froths for coffee, is creamy and without all the junk in store bought nut milks!

Cristina S.

Super amazing simple stuff!

My expectations were exceeded with Joi! I love that there’s no fillers or preservatives like the almond milk I used to buy. It’s just plain almonds! I love how refreshing it is and how you control the creaminess with the amount of Joi you add. Also I love that there is protein unlike store bought brands. Super win with this stuff! 

Laura D.
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