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Up Your Latte Game with This Anti-Oxidant Packed, Anti-Inflammatory Golden Milk Latte

Have you jumped on the turmeric bandwagon yet? If not, we’ve got a PSA for you—and a brand new partnership with Burlap & Barrel, hands down the best purveyor of this super spice you’re going to find (you can thank us later).

So here’s the deal. Turmeric is a powerful anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, taste-enhancing gem of a spice. You might be most familiar with it as a key flavor in curry, but turmeric can also seriously up your latte game.

Let us introduce you to the Golden Latte. Made with JOI and top-quality spices from our friends at Burlap & Barrel, this is a morning (or afternoon, or evening) pick-me-up that you’ll really be able to feel good about. Frothy milk made from 100% almond or cashew JOI nutbase, a touch of sweetener, and the warming taste of ginger, cinnamon, and of course, turmeric? Yeah, you’re gonna be hooked.

Here’s our recipe for a Golden Milk Latte made with JOI and Burlap & Barrel spices:

What’s in it:
2 TB JOI almond or cashew nutbase
8 oz water
½ tsp Burlap & Barrel New Harvest Turmeric
½ tsp maple syrup, date syrup, honey or sweetener of choice
¼ tsp ground ginger, or 1-inch piece of fresh ginger, sliced thinly
¼ tsp Burlap & Barrel Cinnamon Verum
¼ tsp vanilla extract
A pinch of ground pepper (optional but assists with absorption of turmeric))

How it’s made:
Blend water with JOI and warm the JOI nut milk in a saucepan over low heat.
Add all other ingredients to the saucepan, and whisk to combine.
Allow to steep for 2 minutes (or longer if using fresh ginger); stir, strain into mug and enJOI.

Or, skip the warm milk and serve on ice.

Ready to make this Golden Milk Latte part of your everyday routine? Lucky you, we’re celebrating teaming up with Burlap & Barrel with a sweet deal—order your JOI + Burlap & Barrel kit today! 

Vanilla Maple JOI Almond Creamer: The Perfect Companion For Your Morning Coffee Ritual

Vanilla Maple JOI Almond Creamer: The Perfect Companion For Your Morning Coffee Ritual

Consider this an upgrade to your “barista blend” coffee creamer. With only 5 all-natural ingredients, this creamer adds the perfect amount of sweetness and flavor to your coffee – iced or hot.

This Vanilla Maple JOI Creamer is easy to make, easy to customize, vegan, and gluten-free.

Start with this simple base recipe, and adjust as you like to enhance your morning ritual.

What's In It:

2 Tablespoons of JOI Almond or Cashew Nutbase (add a touch more JOI to make it extra creamy).

1 cup of Water

1½ teaspoons Maple Syrup

½ teaspoon of Vanilla Extract

A pinch of Himalayan or Gray Salt

How It's Made:

STEP 1: Add water to blender.

STEP 2: Add ingredients to blender water.

STEP 3: Blend for 30 seconds on medium-high.

STEP 4: Add to your coffee(s) and/or store for later.

STEP 5: enJOI!

Not a coffee drinker? Try this creamer in your Matcha Latte