The JOI Rewards Program: Spend and Share to Earn Free JOI

Every relationship is reciprocal, right? You guys have shown us how much you love JOI almond and cashew nutbases—with the orders, the re-orders, the subscriptions, the five-star reviews, and of course the social tags, likes, shares, and DMs—so we think it’s high time to show how much we love YOU. And what better way than by giving you an easy way to get free JOI?

That’s right, we’ve got a rewards program, and it’s your direct route to getting $$$ off the JOI nutbases you already enJOI. 

This is how it works. Basically, we’ve come up with a simple system for you to earn JOI points. You can then trade your points in for discount coupons. The more JOI points you earn, the bigger JOI coupon you can trade in for. And, there are LOTS of ways to earn JOI points. In other words, you milk our nuts, we’ll milk…never mind, we can stick with the ‘you scratch our back, we’ll scratch yours’ metaphor.

Here’s six ways you can earn JOI rewards points:

1. Sign up! We can’t give you JOI points until you sign up for the rewards program. Plus, you’ll earn an automatic 100 JOI points when you do.

2. Buy more JOI! Earn 1 JOI point for every $1 spent on standard JOI purchases.

3. Make this a regular thing with a JOI subscription. Earn 2 JOI points for every $1 spent on JOI subscription purchases.

4. Tell your friends about JOI! With our referral program, every time you make a purchase you’ll get a $3 off coupon code to share with a friend. When they make a purchase using your code, you earn 300 JOI points.

5. Let us know what you think! Earn 100 JOI points when you leave a review the next time you purchase our almond or cashew nutbase. Want to up the ante? Upload a picture of how you enJOI to go along with your review and we’ll give you an extra 25 JOI points. Upload a video and we’ll bump that up to an extra 50 JOI points. Just be sure you don’t abandon that cart—you can only leave reviews from our Product page.

6. Spread the word and share the love for JOI on social media. Earn 25 JOI points when you like, tag, or share our page on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for JOI Rewards today! While you’re at it, why not place your next order for our delicious almond and cashew nutbases and get a jumpstart towards FREE JOI? 


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