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We started JOI because we couldn’t find a great tasting plant milk anywhere on the market. Almond was our first choice because we are all almond milk drinkers and makers. And as we worked hard to reinvent the way almond milk is made and packaged, we learned that our proprietary process can be applied to any nut, seed or grain. 

After much experimentation with many nuts, seeds, and grains, we finally landed on our next perfect plant milk for your home: CASHEW! 

Cashew is an easy choice for our next base product; and not just because we love cashew milk, or that it’s loaded with nutrients, healthy fats, tons of proteins and many other vitamins and minerals your body wants and needs...but because we have been in constant communication with you, dear customer, and this is what we heard: “please please please make a cashew base”. Well, we heard you loud and clear and now we’re ready to get this amazing product to you this summer.

We’re committed to minimal ingredients, great taste, and more nourishment. We’re on a mission to create products that are better quality, better for the environment, and better for you. Just like almond, our cashew nutbase is made of just one ingredient - cashews. As always, add, blend, enJOI. 

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-The JOI Team