Glow Remedy Drinks

6 Bottles / 16 fl oz ea

Developed by our friends at Dune

Due to high demand, this item is experiencing longer than normal shipping times.

The glow up begins with the Dune discovery pack. Drink up, radiate out. Inner core to complexion.

The Discovery Pack includes:

  • 2 bottles of Bliss Stress Remedy ( Crafted with coconut water, mango, turmeric, black pepper, and adaptogens to reduce inflammation and stress, while promoting clarity and focus.)
  • 2 bottles of Boost Immune Remedy ( Crafted with coconut water, açaí, ginger, and pomegranate to defend against free radical damage while boosting your immune system.)
  • 2 bottles of Dewy Hydration Remedy ( Crafted with coconut water, aloe, 8g marine collagen(fish), and prickly pear to promote hydration and healing from the inside out.)


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