What is JOI?

JOI is our patent pending nut base that makes freshly-made nut milk within seconds! It resembles a butter, but is designed as the easiest way to milk nuts. It creates freshly-made, raw and natural nut milk in less than 30 seconds.

How is JOI different to nut butters that I can buy in the store?

Typical nut butters are roasted and milled differently to create different flavor and texture profiles. The JOI process is specifically designed to create a base that is as true to its roots as possible, keeping the integrity of its main ingredient: almonds. 

Where can I buy JOI?

At the moment, JOI is only available for wholesale. However, we will be launching JOI for the home VERY soon! Please subscribe to our newsletter to be notified as soon as it's available to purchase on our website!

Can any blender be used to mix JOI?

Yes, any blender will work! 

What can JOI be used for?

Anything! The beauty of JOI is that there are endless possibilities. In its raw form, we like to use it for cooking (great for vegan "cream" sauces!) and frozen desserts. As a milk, try it in coffee, smoothies and baking! It’s completely customizable depending on your preference. Add more or less JOI to control thickness, add your choice of sweeteners and flavorings - just own it! We always love to hear what creations people come up with, so tag us on Instagram @addjoi and share your recipes. 

Does JOI need to be refrigerated?

No, in fact, we recommend NOT storing JOI in the fridge so it’s easier to scoop. Just keep it in a cool dark place and make sure it’s sealed properly. Once you’ve blended JOI with water, however, you will need to refrigerate the nut milk. Store the nut milk in the fridge for up to 7 days in an airtight container, and as always with natural products, shake before use. 

What is the shelf life?

JOI has an 18-month shelf life, as long as it is properly sealed and stored in a cool dark place. As a nut milk, the shelf life is up to 7 days. Please refrigerate and shake before use. 

How much water should I add to JOI?

It really depends on how much you want and how you like it! The yield is the amount of water you add. The more JOI you add, the creamier it will be. Here are some suggested ratios: 

Is it normal for the nut milk to separate?

Yes, separation is perfectly normal because we use all natural ingredients, and purposely don’t add any additives or emulsifiers (like gums and lecithins) to hold everything together. The separation is caused by the difference in density of the water and the natural oils, nutrients and minerals. Always shake before use. 

Is JOI raw? Is it safe?

JOI is made from 100% California almonds, which by law, must be steam-pasteurized to maintain standards safe for consumption. Our process doesn't add any extra heat, so while JOI may not be truly raw, we are as raw as you can get of an almond product that is safe to consume.

Can I make latte art with nut milk made from JOI?

Yes! In fact, the biggest compliments we’ve received are from renowned baristas claiming that JOI nut milk performs better in coffee than other almond milks they’ve tried in the past. Not only does it steam and froth better, but it’s also less acidic and doesn’t separate as quickly. Why? Because you're getting all the natural fats from the almonds - we don't filter anything out. 

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