We wouldn’t be where we are today (floating in a pool on an inflatable almond drinking an iced JOI latte) without our incredible partners. From speciality coffee shops to fancy restaurants to hotels to juice shops and every type of watering and eating hole in between, these are the folks out there slinging JOI for all the world to drink.


“Alternative milks are a vital part of our business and play an important role in our brand’s appeal with our customer base. Switching to JOI from using whole raw almonds for our cafe's almond milk has helped free up valuable refrigerated storage space. We’ve simplified the almond milk making workflow for our staff and our baristas are very happy with the texturing they are able to achieve. Thanks for the great product!”

- Vice City Bean, Founder/Owner

“Thanks to JOI, we no longer use any TetraPaks in the store!”

- Under the Mango Tree, Director

“Once you taste JOI, there’s no going back to the gray, thick almond milk that you buy at the store. It’s so creamy, and it actually tastes like the almond milk that I make. Now my kids even ask - Mama, you put the JOI milk in my granola, right?!”

- Mom of 3, Home User

“Using JOI was a win-win for us; it helped us streamline our almond milk production, while increasing quality.”

- ALL DAY, Founder/Owner

“JOI is a product I love to have in my pantry that I can use for many different things, such as adding creaminess to a soup, giving the right consistency to a dressing, adding it to my ice cream base, baking... the possibilities are endless!”

- The House of V, Founder/Chef

“Very happy for my friends at JOI to lead on the discovery of a wholesome alternative to dairy. The almond base gives me the freedom to manipulate the fat:water ratio I specifically need for each baked good and dessert creation. JOI proves we can find in nature an array of fantastic elements we can transform, without harming its integrity, into amazing tools for our culinary, plant-based masterpieces.”

- Pamela Wasabi, Founder/Chef


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