Creamer 2-Pack & Pitcher

15 oz / 27 servings each

JOI’s Plant Base Creamer Concentrate is our latest clean label pantry staple for coffee, lattes and any hot or cold beverage. Designed for superior steaming, frothing and no separation, this is a perfect counterpart to your morning ritual. Unlike other “barista blends”, our creamer concentrate contains NO oils, NO added sugar and is made with 100% all-natural ingredients and made with gluten-free oats!

Ingredients: Cashews, Oats, Hazelnuts, Pea Protein, Himalayan Sea Salt

About the JOI Pitcher:
This USA made, airtight, shatter-proof pitcher, is light-weight and BPA-free. The lid twists into the pitcher to keep beverages fresh, and allows the pitcher to be stored upright or on its side. Made of durable Tritan Plastic, the jar is stain, cloud and odor-resistant and is designed to withstand temperatures from boiling hot to ice cold. Dimensions : 9.25”h x 6.1”w x 4.1”d


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