Hazelnut Creamer Milk Base 2-Pack with Cold Brew Coffee Kit

15 oz jars / 32 oz cold brew

JOI’s plant Base Creamer Concentrate is our latest clean label pantry staple for coffee, lattes and any hot or cold beverage. Designed for superior steaming, frothing and no separation, this is a perfect counterpart to your morning ritual. Unlike other “barista blends”, our creamer concentrate contains NO oils, NO added sugar and is made with 100% all-natural ingredients and made with gluten-free oats!

Paired with Explorer's Low Caffeine Cold Brew. Crafted by 3 award-winning Tastemakers, Explorer’s coffee are all made from organic, fair-trade, and specialty-grade coffee. And it’s super concentrated so you can make it any way you want, just like JOI.

Explorer's Coffee is excluded from our subscription program and will ship separately.


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How It Works

Just Add, Blend, EnJOI!

You can’t go wrong with JOI. Make as much as you want, when you want, and EXACTLY how you want it. We recommend using 1 tablespoon of JOI for every 1 cup of water for everyday plant milk. Like it creamier? Just add more JOI!


Feeling creative or need some inspiration? Check out our blog for recipe ideas!

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