Almond Base

Almond Base

Almond Base


Our 1-pound tub makes up to 8 quarts of creamy, additive free, nut milk 🤯!  The tub is reusable and its contents last for up to 18 months with no refrigeration. It should be stored in a cool, dry place like next to you in bed every night. That’s what we do.

JOI is 100% natural, made from Certified Non-GMO almonds. Certified Kosher.

  • Made from 100% California almonds
  • No added sugar
  • Free from additives and preservatives
  • 18-month shelf life
  • Resealable, 100% recyclable packaging
  • No refrigeration necessary
Although it's Just One Ingredient, there are Endless Possibilities with JOI. Here are a few:
  • Making the best almond milk you've ever had (easy, right?) - plus it lasts up to 7 days in milk form when stored in a refrigerator!
  • Spread it on your favorite [insert food item here, we don't judge]
  • Use it to make delicious vegan ice cream. Need a recipe? We got you.
  • Replace your dairy-based creamer with JOI and make some incredibly savory products such as soups, purees, and salad dressing. No rules, just right.
  • Eat it straight up! One mindful mouthful after another.

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Picture us outside of your window holding a tub of JOI over our heads instead of a boombox. It’s like Say Anything, but it’s about nut milk. So it’s more romantic. The point: our subscription (tubscription?) lets you have JOI automatically sent to you every week, month, or bi-monthly. And because we look out for our thirstiest customers, subscription orders receive a discount off the regular price. We’re not tyrants, so you can pause or cancel at any time and we won’t make you sign away your life with a contract or down payment. Because we may make a mean almond milk, but we’re not jerks about it. [Only available for our 1-pound tub.]