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Sauté Pan

10 in diameter

Developed by our friends at Abbio

Maybe you know your way around a sauté pan, maybe you don’t. No worries, because Abbio has made the superlative Sauté Pan. It’s just what you need for searing, frying and braising. 

What makes it perfect? First, let’s start with the size. Just right - big enough to cook for the family or date night, but small enough to comfortably lift and move around the stove with the ergonomic Abbio handle. It also features a snugly fitted lid and a helper handle. This is especially useful when switching burners on the fly or moving dinner into serving dishes. 

The Abbio Sauté Pan is another beautiful example of their fully-clad cookware. You get consistent heat over the entire cooking surface no matter how much you put in it, so you’ll never be frustrated with unevenly cooked food. 

All Abbio products come with a high-temp silicone hot pad so you can proudly serve from the oven or stovetop to your tabletop.

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