We started JOI because we couldn’t find a great tasting almond milk on the market. They all tasted like water with some almonds sprinkled on top of added oil, gums, and binders. And most of the options on the market were packaged in unsustainable, non-recyclable packaging. So we fixed it and reinvented the way almond milk is made and packaged.

JOI captures the essence of our products - “Just One Ingredient” - and what we aspire to as we grow: minimal ingredients, great taste, more nourishment. From the start, we set out on a mission to create simple solutions that do better. Better quality, better for the environment, better for you. After much trial and error, and a few pivots along the way, we are delivering on that promise to customers nationwide with our flagship almond base, a.k.a. the easiest way to milk nuts.