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Five Sweet and Savory Recipes Made with JOI Nutbases to Satisfy Comfort Food Cravings

You’ve found JOI 100% nutbases, so we’re going to take a wild guess and assume you’re someone who cares about your health. But, we’re also guessing you’re a real human with favorite (possibly junk) foods, occasional cravings, and just as much susceptibility to Instagram food porn or the smell of a greasy brunch cooking as the rest of us.

News flash—denying yourself of the simple pleasure of delicious food just isn’t worth it. Bigger news flash—you can satisfy those comfort food cravings without sacrificing health. Best news yet? JOI almond and cashew nutbases can help—especially if you’re committed to a dairy-free, or completely plant-based diet.

Whether you’re hankering for dinner or dessert, snack or feast, salty or sweet, here are five unexpected comfort food recipes made with JOI that can help you indulge AND nourish your body.

1. JOI Coconut Pops
If there is a perfect cool-down food, it’s gotta be a popsicle. Beat the heat on a steamy summer afternoon (we’re based in Miami, so trust us, we’re experts on this), jump-start rehydration after a tough workout, or cap off a big dinner. Basically, find yourself in any situation that calls for a light sweet treat and a popsicle is going to be the perfect answer. The downside? Standard grocery store popsicles are pretty much sugar, water, and a little artificial coloring someone threw in the freezer. JOI Coconut Pops take the refined sugar out of the equation and replace it with real fruit, nutrient-packed coconut water, and our healthy nutbase for a quick and easy, super healthy, oh-so-tasty popsicle alternative.

2. Romesco Penne Pasta
Even if you’re a die-hard keto devotee, who among us doesn’t occasionally crave (need) a big, carb-a-licious plate of creamy pasta? We get it though—give in to that desire for traditional fettuccine alfredo and unless your portion control is truly admirable, the post-pasta coma will probably be all too real. Our Romesco Penne Pasta made with JOI almond nutbase takes the heavy cream and replaces it with homemade almond milk, heart-healthy oils, and deceptively decadent roasted red pepper for a finished product that is guilt-free vegan comfort food at its finest.

3. Silky Non-Dairy Vanilla Ice Cream
Don’t even try to tell us you don’t like ice cream—after all, there’s a reason your local co-op has the better part of a freezer aisle dedicated to non-dairy ice cream alternatives. Well, it’s time to stop paying an ungodly amount per pint to satisfy your ice cream craving without caving in to the call of the local Ben & Jerry’s. With our Silky Non-Dairy Vanilla Ice Cream you can combine JOI almond nutbase with healthful coconut milk and just as much sweetener as you want to make your Netflix night on the couch complete (no pants required).

4. Creamy Vegan Ranch Dressing
Ranch is one of God’s gifts to humanity, and we do not want to argue about it. Whether you use this beautiful condiment to make raw veggies palatable, to spice up a standard sandwich, or to make that slice of pizza or chicken wing even more appetizing, you cannot deny the versatility and general perfection of ranch dressing. With our Creamy Vegan Ranch Dressing recipe you can get all the deliciousness without the dairy (not to mention fewer calories and saturated fat) so you can dip and dunk to your heart’s content.

5. Vegan Chocolate Frosting
Are you one of those people who really only likes cake because of the frosting? Like, to the point that you kind of only eat the cake part out of politeness? No judgement here. But, traditional frostings like butter cream, cream cheese, and whipped do tend to be dairy-based and sugar-packed. Give this Vegan Chocolate Frosting a try instead—made with JOI nutbase, maple syrup, and cocoa powder you can feel good about the ingredients as you indulge. Pro-tip: if baking really isn’t your thing, try spreading on store-bought donuts or saltine crackers for a frosting-fix without the hard labor.

Ready to start satisfying your comfort food cravings without sacrificing health? Place your order for JOI almond and cashew nutbases today and get cooking!

Four Tips for Cooking and Baking with JOI Nutbases

You already know that JOI almond and cashew nutbases make a super tasty nut milk, but do you know they can be a delicious ingredient in lots of your favorite (or new favorite) recipes as well? Whether you’re a seasoned chef excited to experiment or a kitchen noob who just wants to get healthier, the possibilities for cooking and baking with JOI nutbases are nearly endless.

Here are four tips to wow your friends or coworkers with your next enJOI-able culinary endeavor.

1. In general, when baking you can substitute milk made from JOI nutbases at a 1:1 ratio for cow’s milk

Cooking may be an art, but baking is a science—and the margin for error is small. Now, we don’t say this to pass judgement on those of you who have pulled flat muffins out of the oven, or added wayyyyy too big a pinch of salt to those cookies, or just set off the smoke detector (umm, we’ve done all those things repeatedly). But, that need for precision is a serious concern when you want to continue enjoying your baked goods without the cow’s milk. Good news—no need to worry about swapping in almond or cashew milk made from JOI nutbases! In general, you can take your favorite recipes and swap in our nut milks at a 1:1 ratio. However, baking time may be affected by substituting with a nut milk. Start by decreasing the baking time by a few minutes to make sure your final product still comes out of the oven rich and moist, and experiment to find the timing sweet spot from there.

2. If you’re cooking with milk made from JOI nutbases, consider adding a thickening agent

JOI nutbases are packed with healthy fats—8 grams per standard serving to be exact, just as much as whole cow’s milk. The difference is that 7 grams of that fat in JOI nutbases are looser unsaturated fats, while cow’s milk is significantly higher in denser, saturated fat. The higher unsaturated fat content in JOI nutbases is great for watching your cholesterol, preventing cardiovascular disease, and keeping your muscles happy, but it does mean your nut milk will have a little less creaminess than cow’s milk. With that in mind, if you’re using JOI nutbases to make things like pasta, soups, casseroles, or sauces—you know, all the tasty, creamy stuff—a pinch of a thickener like cornstarch, flour, tapioca, or just a little extra oil will go a long way.

3. Think about whether your recipe is savory or sweet

Nut milks, especially almond milks, are typically seen as having a sweeter flavor than dairy milks. For your morning latte or post-workout smoothie this is no problem (let’s be real, who doesn’t love that extra sweetness, especially when it’s guilt-free?), but when you’re substituting milk made from JOI nutbases in more involved recipes for cooking or baking, it’s important to take into consideration. Our recommendation, in a perfect world with both varieties of JOI nutbase in the cupboard? First, start with a batch of milk made from JOI nutbases without any sweetener—you can always add extra sweetener if the recipe needs it. Then, think about which nutbase you choose. Cashew milk will play a little better in savory recipes like pastas and soups, and almond milk is the go-to for sweet recipes like smoothies, protein bites, and frozen treats.

4. JOI nutbases are a great nut butter substitute

Yes, we created JOI nutbases to be blended up into delicious nut milks. But, our almond and cashew nutbases are plenty delicious on their own too! So, if you’re eyeing up a recipe that calls for a nut butter, JOI can be a healthier, simpler, nutrition-packed substitute. Anyone else craving extra-healthy chewy granola bars right about now?

Now that you’ve gotten the tutorial, ready for some inspiration? Check out our library of recipes made with JOI—and don’t forget to stock up on JOI almond and cashew nutbases so you’re prepared for all these kitchen adventures!