The Magic of Instant Organic Oat Milk

Feb 7, 2024| By JOI team


Feb 7, 2024| By JOI team

The Magic of Instant Organic Oat Milk

Finding the perfect plant-based milk substitute that strikes a balance between taste, nutrition, and convenience can be difficult in the ever-evolving world of substitutes.

However, the quest ends with this innovative creation: JOI's Instant Organic Oat Milk. This unique product is transforming the way we think about plant-based milk, offering a seamless blend of health and indulgence.

Instant Organic Oat Milk is a game-changer in the realm of plant-based drinks.

JOI instant oat milk contains glyphosate-free organic oats, which form the core of a smooth, creamy, and utterly delightful milk experience. This product stands out for its ease of preparation and versatile use.

You can add JOI oat milk powder directly to water, coffee, tea, or cocoa (or any beverage of choice!), and just stir, and enjoy! No blending, no clumping, just pure, unadulterated joy in a glass.

Each eco-friendly pouch yields up to eight quarts of oat milk, catering to a range of preferences and dietary needs.  Or, pick it up in individually portioned sizes!

From nutrition to convenience, this oat milk is a powerhouse.

JOI oat milk powder is not just a delightful alternative to dairy milk; it's a nutrient-rich choice, free of inflammatory oils, gums and fillers, that supports a healthy lifestyle.

Storage and handling are equally convenient.

JOI oat milk powder, when stored in a cool, dark place (like a pantry), has a long shelf life of 9+ months.  This ensures that you can always have a fresh batch of plant milk ready to go.  Once made, the oat milk it can be refrigerated for up to seven days in an airtight container, making it a practical choice for busy lifestyles. 

Allergen information is equally crucial for many consumers. JOI's Instant Organic Oat Milk is produced in a facility that processes dairy, eggs, tree nuts, and wheat, ensuring high standards of quality and safety.


JOI's Instant Organic Oat Milk is not just another plant-based milk alternative. It's a testament to the brand's commitment to sustainability, health, and taste.

Whether you're a long-time plant milk enthusiast or new to the world of dairy-free alternatives, this oat milk offers a refreshing and delightful experience that is sure to become a staple in your daily routine.


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