You'll Never Want To Slice Another Birthday Cake Again Once You Taste This Birthday Cake Shake

Recipe created and written by Sara Ayesh of White Kitchen Red Wine

Curb that craving for cake with this dairy free Birthday Cake Shake using our cashew milk! It’s the perfect sweet treat that is fun for kiddos and adults alike. I mean, who doesn’t love birthday cake? Using our incredibly creamy cashew milk, we are able to achieve an amazingly smooth and creamy milkshake!

Birthday Cake Milkshake Made with JOI Cashew Base

The ingredients for this one are simple yet surprising. I find that mixing dairy free milk with ice can make it “icy” rather than creamy. Using frozen cauliflower rice as the “ice” here gives it the most amazing texture, plus its a vegetable! The other surprising ingredient is lemon juice. By giving the smallest squeeze of lemon you end up with a tang that perfectly mimics birthday cake batter. To get that intense vanilla flavor, a sprinkling of instant pudding does the trick. 

Birthday Cake Milkshake Made with JOI Cashew Base

Other fun add-ins include sprinkles, because it's a birthday cake! Top it with your favorite non-dairy whipped topping and you’ve got yourself a birthday cake shake. The cashew milk is perfectly smooth and adding a touch of cashew butter creates the richness you look for when sneaking a taste of cake batter. So let’s make a Birthday Cake Shake!


1 cup JOI cashew milk 

¼ cup cashew butter

2 tablespoons instant vanilla pudding

½ cup frozen cauliflower rice 

Juice of ½ lemon

2 tsp agave syrup (optional for sweetness)

¼ cup sprinkles

How To Make It

In a blender cup, combine all ingredients except the sprinkles. 

Blend for 1 minute on high until smooth and creamy.

Stir in sprinkles and serve! 


Birthday Cake Milkshake Made with JOI Cashew Base


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