Flexible, Waste-Minimizing Home-Delivery from JOI: The 21st Century Milkman

Oct 7, 2022| By JOI team


Oct 7, 2022| By JOI team

Flexible, Waste-Minimizing Home-Delivery from JOI: The 21st Century Milkman

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The milkman—doesn’t get much more idyllically nostalgic than that fine fellow, right? He’s a vision of pure Americana in a slouchy newsboy cap, toting a crate of clanking glass bottles, hard at work at the crack of dawn so the rest of us can wake up with our Wheaties drenched in healthful, creamy goodness and go off to seize the day. Or maybe he’s just rumored to be your dad. Either way, he’s an icon of days-gone-by.

The milkman is making a comeback though, in modern-day digital form, and he’s bringing JOI.

With subscription-based home delivery options for our milk concentrates that can be easily blended to create the healthy, sugar-controlled plant milk you crave on-demand, JOI is the milkman of the 21st century (and don’t worry—we’ll never go after your mom).

Fresh, sustainable, and cost-effective, here’s four reasons why you should take a cue from yester-years, ditch the grocery store, and make the switch to home delivery from JOI for your plant milk needs.  

1. On-demand milk from JOI concentrates minimize waste
How many times have you purchased a carton of milk—plant or dairy-based—at the grocery store with all intents of kicking off a week of healthful, home-cooked eating and fiscal responsibility, only to have life happen in one way or another and find yourself a week or two later, remembering that still-full carton shoved far back in some forgotten corner of the fridge? At that point, you’re either racking your brain for a creative milk-heavy recipe, forcing yourself and your family to start chugging, or pouring spoiled product down the kitchen sink along with a heavy wave of guilt. No great options there.

JOI’s shelf-stable, sustainably packaged, milk concentrates solve this how-much-is-enough conundrum by giving you the flexibility to blend up just as much plant milk as you need, when you need it. Whether that’s only a few splashes for the next several days’ cups of coffee, a post-workout recovery shake for you and your partner, or a big pitcher for your brood at the breakfast table, JOI products give you the power to blend up the exact right amount so you always have fresh plant milk without any guilty waste.

2. Have JOI plant bases delivered as often (or not) as you need
Sticking with the subject of minimizing waste—did you catch that we mentioned JOI milk concentrates are shelf-stable? Yeah, they are, for 12 to 18 months (for cashew and almond) in fact, when stored appropriately (i.e. make sure the lid is closed tight and the jar isn’t sitting somewhere dumb, like on a sunny window sill, in a puddle of water, or right in front of your humidifier). Our oat products last at least 9 months!

And that long shelf life matters when you start to think about the most efficient way for YOU to order. Just an occasional plant milk drinker? Cool, order a 15oz jar as needed. More of a couple-days-a-week breakfast smoothie person? Awesome, subscribe for quarterly delivery. Got a whole, hungry, milk loving family to feed? Monthly delivery is for you (maybe make it two jars). And if you’re a coffee shop, café, or juice bar owner churning through plant milk on the daily, don’t worry, we’ve got wholesale options.

3. JOI subscriptions are flexible
Feeling hesitant about the idea of signing on for a JOI plant base subscription? We get it—life has seasons, routines change, and sometimes commitment is just scary. After all, your raspberry chia pudding breakfast kick might not last forever, and your afternoon craving for golden milk lattes could subside (or not). That’s why we’ve worked hard to develop a subscription program that is truly flexible.

Once you’ve created an account with JOI, it’s super easy to adjust your order frequency, change your bundle amount, or pause your subscription. Plus, you’ll earn extra JOI rewards points on subscription purchases—the more you spend, the more free JOI you’ll get. 

4. Home delivery from JOI is a more sustainable alternative

Have you ever thought about the carbon footprint of your grocery store runs? Unless you’re lucky enough to live within walking distance, every grocery trip means starting up your car (unless you've got an electric car, that means burning fossil fuels! and emissions!). And one you get there, all of that produce, the butcher counter specials, deli delights, and pantry staples had to make their own journey to the shelves—some of it over hundreds or thousands of miles by plane, truck, and train. It adds up, and it’s rough on our environment.

Home delivery of JOI concentrates helps to reduce some of that sizable transport toll by cutting out the middleman. We ship directly from our production and distribution center to your home, using the most efficient and direct channels available. It’s not perfect—and yes, it’s likely your JOI is still a cargo plane ride away. But it is another way we help you take a small step in the right direction towards a more sustainable way of sourcing your food. 

Ready to go back to the future with at-home delivery from JOI? Shop our oat, hazelnut, almond and cashew concentrates and see why JOI is the 21st century milkman of today.

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