Introducing our new and improved

Instant Oat Milk Powder

Single, Whole ingredients

At JOI, we stand for Just One Ingredient (literally). Our Instant Oat Milk Powder is made with just naturally gluten-free, sustainably-sourced organic oats. Know exactly what you’re drinking.

Instant JOI

Our new and improved process means you get your oat milk - instantly! That’s right, no blending, no clumping. Just add a couple spoonfuls to your liquid of choice, stir, and TA-DA! Pure, organic oat milk. The same great taste with added convenience. See it in action!

Reduce, Rejoice, Repeat

Each pouch of our Instant Oat Milk Powder makes up to 8 quarts of oat milk! As always with JOI, make as much as you need, when you need it.

To encase all that oaty goodness, we’ve chosen a durable post-consumer recycled material as part of our commitment to sustainability. Saving the planet never tasted so good!

See It In Action

Just one ingredients, endless possibilities

Oat Milk

Mix a couple spoonfuls of JOI with water for instant oat milk

Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, Matcha…

Stir JOI directly into your hot or cold beverage of choice, in place of milk


Blend JOI with your favorite smoothie ingredients

The JOI Difference

Check out all the benefits Just One Ingredient brings!

Clean label - just oats!

Zero oils, refined sugar or sweeteners

No preservatives, gums or fillers

Dairy and soy free

Zero saturated fat and cholesterol

Zero sodium

Reason #1

A better-for-you product made from a single ingredient

Oats are naturally high in fiber and low in fat, sodium and calories - all of which benefit your heart, blood, gut, energy… what’s not to love?

Reason #2

Unlimited flexibility

Whether you want a quart of milk for the week or just a cup for the day; a sweet creamer for your coffee or a booster in your smoothie - it’s totally your choice! Make oat milk on demand and just the way you like it.

Reason #3

Adding JOI feels like saving the planet

Because you add the water, we reduce the amount of packaging and shipments made to customers, and have eliminated millions of non-recyclable containers from landfills. And because you’re making plant milk on demand, you can say goodbye to spoiled milk forever!

Your Questions, Answered

You have questions. We have answers.

Are your oats certified organic?

Yes! The oats used in our Instant Organic Oat Milk Powder are USDA certified.

Are your oats certified gluten free? Is it safe for those with celiac disease?

Our oats are gluten free, but not certified. This means that they are less than 20 parts per million (ppm), which is the scientifically determined level of gluten that has been shown to be tolerated by those with celiac disease.

Are your oats glyphosate free?

Yes - we do not accept oats from suppliers who use glyphosate or sell oats with a detectable amount.

What’s the difference between JOI's Instant Oat Milk Powder and regular oat flour?

Our Oat Milk Powder differs from regular oat flour because of the enzymatic process that it endures in production, therefore does not get gummy and (like oatmeal!) when mixed with water and enhances the natural sweetness of the oats. It also dissolved instantly when slightly agitated (like stirring with a spoon), which is a first in the industry!

What is the pouch made of?

Our powder products are packaged in pouches made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) material, which is made from the items that consumers recycle every day, like aluminum, cardboard boxes, paper, and plastic bottles. Utilizing PCR allows us to reduce our carbon footprint, lessen our impact on landfills, and meet our overall sustainability goals, without relying on our customers to properly recycle or compost the package after use.

As waste reduction is at the core of our mission, we continually experiment with more sustainable solutions, which we hope to implement in the near future.