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Creamy Vegan Caesar Dressing Made with JOI is the Answer for Days When You Need Healthy-ish Comfort Food

Ever have one of those days where you want something light and kind-of-sort-of-a-little-bit healthy but also are really just craving some comfort food? Days like those are prime for a nice, simple Caesar salad—and we’ve got a vegan Caesar dressing made with JOI Almond Base that’s perfectly healthy AND indulgent.

Creamy Vegan Caesar Dressing Made with JOI

The beauty of Caesar salad is that it’s a blank slate—a culinary canvas just waiting for you to dress up, spice up, and pack full of nutrients to whatever degree your heart desires. Want to use iceberg lettuce and croutons as a vehicle for dressing? Done. Looking to flavor a victory garden’s worth of leafy greens, ripe tomatoes, and roasted root veggies into a hearty meal? Go for it. Top it all off with crispy vegan fried tofu, crunchy baked chickpeas, homemade croutons, or hot red pepper flakes? Do it up. The common denominator here is a truly outstanding creamy Caesar dressing, and we’ve got you covered.

Creamy Vegan Caesar Dressing Made with JOI

Ready to make the healthy-ish vegan dressing of your dreams? Or just go to town dipping some crackers or chips? Here’s our recipe for Creamy Vegan Caesar Dressing made with JOI:

What’s In It:

¼ cup water

¼ cup JOI almond base

2 TB extra virgin olive oil

1 TB lemon juice, freshly squeezed if possible

½ tsp dijon mustard

½ tsp garlic powder

1 clove fresh garlic

½ TB Worcestershire sauce (vegan, if desired)

2 tsp capers

¼ tsp salt 

Pepper to taste

How It’s Made:

  1. Add all ingredients into a blender and blend on high until creamy (about 30 seconds).
  2. Adjust seasonings to taste.
  3. EnJOI as a dressing or dip.

Looking for more vegan dip ideas that are just the right blend of healthy and indulgent? Try our Creamy Vegan Ranch Dressing or snack-attach worthy French Onion Dip!

Creamy Vegan Caesar Dressing Made with JOI


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