How to Make an Iced Lavender Oat Milk Latte at Home (Dairy-Free, Easy Recipe)

May 21, 2024| By JOI team


May 21, 2024| By JOI team

How to Make an Iced Lavender Oat Milk Latte at Home (Dairy-Free, Easy Recipe)

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Discover the secrets to crafting a delicious Iced Lavender Oat Milk Latte right in your own kitchen. This easy-to-follow recipe delivers a refreshing and floral coffee treat that rivals your favorite coffee shop latte!

blue lavender oat milk latte

Why Make This Lavender Latte at Home?

When you choose to make your own Iced Lavender Oat Milk Latte at home, you gain full control over every ingredient. That ensures a clean label drink that suits your taste preferences perfectly.

For example, you can handpick your favorite ground coffee or even grind your own beans.

Of course, you can adjust sweetness. Whether you're off sugar or using date syrup, honey, agave or coconut sugar, you control how much goes in!

Why not experiment with different varieties of lavender to create your unique brew?

Also, you can play with the intensity of the lavender flavor (just dial up or down the amount of lavender you use). Or get creative with flavor combinations like vanilla or cinnamon.

Yep, making lattes at home let's you make a coffee that's:

* tailored to your taste buds, and

* aligns with your likes and preferences!

Exploring the Flavor of Lavender in Food

Have you tried lavender in food before?

Lavender has a truly remarkable taste profile. It blends subtle sweetness with floral and herbal notes which really take drinks like lattes to new heights!

The innate sweetness of lavender complements the bold flavor of coffee without overpowering it. Its aromatic notes can transport you to fields of blooming gardens! And its herbal undertones add depth and complexity to a latte.

As you will see (well, taste!) lavender adds a unique touch - it's a taste worth exploring.

crushing lavender buds in a mortar & pestle

What are the Health Benefits of Lavender?

Incorporating lavender into your latte is just a different taste experience. It also has some healthful benefits.

Lavender's calming properties (thanks to compounds like linalool and linalyl acetate), can promote relaxation and reduce stress / anxiety.

Lavender may also improve sleep quality - opt for a caffeine-free coffee or infuse into an herbal tea if you're taking it before bed!

Is this Recipe Easy?

This recipe could not be easier!

The secret lies in adding the dried lavender buds to the coffee grinds. That simple step infuses just the right hit of lavender to the coffee, without adding lots of additional work and time to the process.

Plus, with JOI oat milk creamer on hand, you never run out of creamy, delicious oat milk. Just add to water and mix with the coffee!

adding lavender buds to coffee grinds in a maker

What are Some Substitutions and Variations for this Recipe?

Customize your lavender latte with substitution options and variations that suit you!

  • Substitute lavender buds with lavender essential oil or syrup.
  • Experiment with different JOI milk options, such as oat, almond, cashew, hemp, or a blend.
  • Customize your latte with flavored syrups or additional spices.
  • Opt for hot instead of iced.
  • Infuse the crushed lavender into a tea rather than coffee.
  • Skip the spirulina if you don't have any on hand.

Take advantage of substitution options and experimenting with ways to customize!  That way you can create a personalized lavender latte that suits your mood and taste preferences perfectly.

What are the Benefits of Using JOI Creamer?

Discover the convenience and versatility of JOI oat milk creamer in your lavender latte recipe.

JOI creamer is made with purposeful, whole ingredients. That translates to a product that's better for you than the alternatives on the market.

And it's shelf stable, so never a need for refrigeration and always at hand!

blue spirulina powder being whisked with oat milk creamer

Here's the Recipe:


What Other Coffee Drinks Can I Make with JOI?

Ready to make other delicious coffee and tea concoctions with JOI?  We've got tons of ideas on our recipe blog.

From a simple iced oat milk latte to a soothing chamomile tea latte, explore an array of options!  Experiment with JOI almond milk, cashew milk, hemp milk and more!

2 women sipping iced lavender oat milk latte

In a Nutshell...

You can easily make the Iced Lavender Oat Milk Latte at home. It is a delicious treat with a fragrant smell and smooth consistency. Say goodbye to expensive coffee shop lattes and hello to homemade goodness that's as satisfying as it is delicious. Try this recipe today and elevate your coffee game with the enchanting flavor of lavender!

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