Iced English Breakfast Tea

May 14, 2021| By JOI team


May 14, 2021| By JOI team

Iced English Breakfast Tea

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An iced Earl Grey tea is a wonderful way to wake up in the morning! A black tea blend pairs beautifully with a sweet JOI Cashew creamer made right at home. Bitter notes in the black tea balance out the creamy cashew base with a slight sweetness of honey and vanilla. 

Making your own creamer at home is deceptively easy with JOI nut base or JOI creamer! Sweeten this creamer for your breakfast tea with vanilla extract and a drizzle of honey. Simply blend in a blender cup or with a frother and enjoy! 

English breakfast tea has a kick of caffeine that is perfect to pair with breakfast or as an afternoon pick-me-up. Pour it all over ice and it just might become your favorite warm weather drink!

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