Creamy Cauliflower Soup with Miso (Dairy-Free)

Jan 27, 2022| By JOI team


Jan 27, 2022| By JOI team

Creamy Cauliflower Soup with Miso (Dairy-Free)

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If you're reading this in January or February, chances are that the outside air has a bite to it!  And that means soup season is still in full swing. This roasted cauliflower and miso soup is a creamy (dairy-free, vegan), hearty soup that will warm your soul, surprise your tastebuds and keep you satisfied! 

Why This Recipe Was Developed

Soup comes in many different stripes.  Whether it is a hearty and chunky soup, or a stew, bisque, cold soup or consomme; there seems to be a soup for every mood. This recipe was developed for our friends who love eating plants and want a dairy-free option that is still luscious and creamy 

So, instead of using dairy to make it creamy (good-bye butter and cream!), this recipe uses JOI plant base concentrate for the same effect.

Vegan, whole-food plant based, gluten-free, matter what you're dietary goals are, we've got you covered with this recipe!

Ingredients in the Soup

Delicious roasted cauliflower, garlic, and onion form the base of this soup. Just   simply roast them together on a sheet tray.  Thanks to the magic of browning and caramelization that results in the oven, you get huge depth of flavor in the final dish.

After the roasting step, everything goes into a food processor or blender with a few additional ingredients to come together.

This is where JOI comes in! Adding JOI almond or cashew base to your blender ingredients is the secret ingredient to achieving a creamy silky soup.  Just throw in some vegetable stock, a couple of scoops of miso paste, a dash of nutritional yeast and squeeze of lemon juice to round out all the flavors. Lastly, this warm and cozy soup gets a garnish of fresh basil and drizzle of olive oil for a gorgeous lunch or dinner! 

The Benefits of Soup

Start to finish, this recipe is efficient with your time! It should take around 30 minutes total, with the roasting step taking around 25 minutes. Once that step is done, the other ingredients are prepped, ready and waiting in the blender bowl.  Or add to your pot and whiz it all together using an immersion blender! 

We recommend making a batch of this creamy vegan cauliflower soup to enjoy during the week, and a batch to throw in the freezer. It keeps well and is amazing to pull out during the week. 

What Makes the Soup Creamy?

Many soups that have a creamy base require a dairy product like milk or cream or yogurt, which many people avoid. 

Others use coconut milk. Coconut milk, though, can add a strong coconut flavor that is not welcome in just any creamy soup. 

A plant-based concentrate is the answer! Just adding a scoop of creamy JOI base will allow you to achieve the creaminess of dairy. 

Or perhaps you've soaked cashed and blended them in for the same effect?  Instead, you can just use half the measure of JOI almond or cashew for a full measure of cashews. For example, if a recipe wants one cup of soaked cashews, 1/2 a cup of JOI almond base or cashew base is a perfect substitute, without having to plan ahead.

Is This an Entree or Appetizer?

The beauty of this recipe is that you can serve it as a starter or a main course! A bowl of soup has all the nourishment needed for it to be a full meal, especially if you're eating it with a piece of crusty bread or a salad. 

Or try adding a scoop of your favorite grain to the bowl of soup.  Rice, farro, quinoa, millet...whatever is cooked in your fridge or freezer and ready to go. 

Variations for the Recipe

If some of these ingredients do not strike your fancy, you can easily substitute them for other options! For example, you can swap out the thyme, paprika and bay leaf for curry powder or five-spice powder.

Want to stick with the umami flavor that miso provides, but don't have any miso paste at hand?  Just use soy sauce instead. 

When spring rolls around, we love adding some dill prior to blending, instead of using thyme and paprika.

Looking for a thicker, creamier base? Use a bit more of the JOI Almond or Cashew base, or skip the added oil at the end.

Do you love the roasted cauliflower flavor and want to see more? Add a few more florets to the soup. 

We Hope You Enjoy This Creamy Vegan Cauliflower Soup

Thank you for reading our creamy vegan cauliflower soup recipe, and learning more about this delicious plant-based option! We promise that it tastes just as good as it sounds. 

Looking to learn more recipes that use this JOI plant base? Check out our website here to view other recipes that you can use our products for! We wish you a year of happy cooking!


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