Ultimate Creamy Tomato Gazpacho (No Bread, No Dairy)

Jun 23, 2023| By JOI team


Jun 23, 2023| By JOI team

Ultimate Creamy Tomato Gazpacho (No Bread, No Dairy)

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In the heat of summer, nothing quite satisfies like a cold soup that bursts with layers of flavor.  This easy tomato-based recipe will refresh, satisfy and nourish.  The creaminess from JOI keeps this gazpacho gluten-free and dairy-free. So pull out that blender and you'll be slurping up a bowl in no time!

Creamy Gazpacho

What is Gazpacho?

Good question. In a nutshell, gazpacho is a cold, Spanish, tomato-based soup. It's blended smooth and typically gets it's "creamy" texture from adding dry bread. Surprising, right?

We can't claim to have stuck with a traditional Spanish recipe, though. We've taken liberties but at its crux, the idea is gazpacho-inspired.

What Flavors this Gazpacho?

The primary ingredient is still tomatoes. Red cherry tomatoes to be precise (though we won't object if you use whatever tomatoes are at the ready).  But we've added tons of additional enhancements for layers upon layers of flavor:

  • alliums:  onion and garlic
  • fresh herbs:  basil and cilantro
  • spic drawer:  cumin, coriander and smoked paprika
  • unexpected pops: fresh celery and apple juice
  • bonus nutrition:  nuts and hemp seeds

What Makes this Gazpacho Recipe Creamy?

As we mentioned, traditional gazpacho gets its thick, creamy texture from blending in bread. Other recipes use yogurt instead.

But we wanted a gluten-free, dairy-free version. So we used JOI nut base instead - either almond or cashew JOI works well in this recipe.

JOI plant bases are your secret weapon for making ANY soup creamy, without the dairy.  Whether it's gazpacho or any other soup.

Is This Gazpacho Recipe Easy?

Once you've pulled out your food processor or high speed blender, this recipe is a whiz (pun intended)! Since you'll be blending everything, roughly chopped or large pieces of your vegetables and seasonings is all you need.  No need to get too precious with a fine dice or perfect chop.

Throw everything in, blend, taste and add more salt and seasonings if needed (a little extra basil and garlic never hurt, if you ask us!).

Chill or serve straightaway in small bowls. You're done!

How can I Adjust or Improvise this Recipe?

We recommend keeping the baseline ingredients - tomatoes, bell pepper and cucumber intact so to speak.  But experimenting with substitutions from there can make this recipe "your own".

  • Not a fan of cilantro? Use parsley instead.
  • No basil? Just leave it out!
  • Want a less smoky flavor profile? Omit the smoked paprika.
  • Lime juice can be swapped for another acid, such as sherry vinegar, apple cider vinegar, or lemon juice.
  • Try substituting red onion with green onion, chives, shallot or a sweet yellow variety.
  • Want to really amp up the flavor? Make this more of a project and add fresh celery juice and apple juice.
  • For depth of flavor, experiment with adding a hit of agave or maple syrup or honey.
  • Use extra black pepper or chilli flakes for a spicier finished product.

Looking for an entirely new twist on the classic tomato gazpacho?  Try this cucumber-grape recipe next time.

Tips & Tricks

  • Use a juicer to make fresh celery juice and apple juice. If juicer is not available, blend 1 cup chopped celery with 2/3 cup water. Squeeze out celery juice with a cheese cloth.
  • If omitting celery and apple juice and would like a thinner consistency for your gazpacho, add cold water. Start with ¼ cup at a time until preferred consistency is reached.
  • To maintain a red to orange hue for this gazpacho, use ripened red cherry tomatoes and deep red bell pepper. 
  • Prep and chill produce as well as juice before blending to obtain a really cold soup.

What Should I Serve With Gazpacho?

For a light lunch or dinner, we think a side of crusty bread - or crackers - glutem-free if you observe - would make a meal.  Perhaps with a schmear of hummus if you like.

For added protein, try throwing some chilled cooked shrimp or lump crab meat or crispy chickpeas straight into your bowl of gazpacho.

Serve gazpacho as a main course, or alongside a salad for more of a meal.  There's always that classic "soup and sandwich" combo.  Making a grilled cheese sandwich would be a fun twist on the traditional tomato soup and grilled cheese duo!


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  • Delicious recipe! The less common ingredients really elevate things!


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