Low Sugar Chocolate Milk Made with JOI Nutbase is Healthy Vegan Nostalgia in a Glass

In our humble opinion, those little cartons of chocolate milk at lunch time were one of *the best* things about elementary school. As a kid, that was 8-12oz of pure bliss that took any soggy, ambiguous cafeteria meal to the next level. As an adult, it sounds more like a blood sugar crash and burn waiting to happen. 

Well, good news—it’s time for chocolate milk to grow up, and all it takes is a little JOI. Our chocolate milk made with JOI 100% almond or cashew nutbase and unsweetened cocoa powder is vegan, low sugar, completely customizable, and guaranteed to drum up guilt-free childhood nostalgia. And, with a healthy blend of plant-based carbs, protein, and fat, it’s also an outstanding addition to your post-workout recovery routine.

Easy Homemade Vegan Chocolate Milk Recipe Made with JOI

Ready to bring the JOI of chocolate milk back into your regular meal plan rotation? Give our quick and easy Chocolate Milk recipe a try!

What’s In It:

4 cups water
8 TB JOI almond or cashew nutbase 
2 TB unsweetened cocoa powder
3 TB brown sugar (or sweetener of choice)
1/2 tsp vanilla
2 pinches salt

How to Make It:

Add all ingredients to blender & blend for 30 seconds on medium high

Yields 1 quart

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