Easy and Delicious: Authentic Cuban Cortadito Coffee Recipe

May 7, 2024| By JOI team


May 7, 2024| By JOI team

Easy and Delicious: Authentic Cuban Cortadito Coffee Recipe

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If you’re a fan of bold flavors and rich textures, you’re in for a treat! Have you heard of a Cortadito?

Originating from Cuba, cortadito is a beloved espresso drink, made with a splash of milkiness. It strikes the perfect balance between strong coffee and sweet, creamy goodness.  We're giving it a JOI makeover with our creamy & convenient oat milk creamer.

And with a few easy steps, you too can make a cortadito right in your own kitchen.

What is Cuban Coffee

Cuban coffee, or "cafécito", is a staple of Cuban cuisine and culture. Cuban coffee is known for its strong, robust flavor and sweet undertones.

Typically served in small cups, Cuban coffee is made by brewing espresso and mixing with sugar. This creates a thick, syrupy consistency that’s perfect for sipping or adding to milk to make other coffee drinks.

What is a Cuban Cortadito

A Cuban cortadito is a variation of traditional Cuban coffee that incorporates a splash of steamed milk. The word “cortadito” translates to “cut” or “shortened” in Spanish. This refers to the way the espresso is “cut” with a small amount of steamed milk. This results in a creamy, slightly sweet coffee drink that’s perfect for enjoying any time of day.

Why this Recipe is Easy

One of the beauties of this recipe lies in its simplicity. With just a few basic ingredients and a traditional stove-top “cafetera” (also known as a moka pot), make cortaditos at home that rival your favorite café in Miami.

Plus, the step-by-step instructions make the process easy to follow, even for beginner home baristas.

Substitutions to Make

If you're hanging out at a Cuban coffee "ventanita" in Miami, you'll hear all sorts of cortadito customizations. Make it yours at home, too!

For example, if you don’t have cane sugar on hand, you can use coconut sugar or brown sugar instead.

Use any Cuban coffee brand that you can find at your local grocer or online. We prefer Pilón, Café Bustelo or La Llave. But if all else fails, use another (strong!) espresso coffee brand.

Why use JOI creamer in this Recipe?

For this recipe, we’re adding a plant-based twist with the use of JOI oat milk creamer.

JOI creamer is made from just a few simple ingredients. So it adds a rich, creamy texture to the cortadito without overpowering the bold flavors of the Cuban coffee.

Bonus:  it's better-for-you than those other creamer alternatives. In fact, it's good for your gut!

Plus, its shelf-stable and individually packaged, so you can add creaminess to your Cuban coffee whenever the mood strikes.

Feel free to use your homemade JOI almond or cashew milk instead!

Here's the Recipe

With its bold flavors and creamy texture, this Cuban Cortadito Coffee is sure to become a new favorite in your coffee rotation. Whether you enjoy it as a morning pick-me-up or an afternoon treat, this espresso drink is guaranteed to satisfy your coffee cravings.




What other Coffee Drinks Can I Make with JOI?

On a roll with JOI + coffee experiments?  The possibilities are endless! JOI creamer can be used to make a variety of delicious coffee drinks. Try adding it to your morning cup of joe for a creamy café con leche, or use it to make a refreshing iced coffee on a hot day. 

Check out our recipe blog for coffee (& tea!) inspiration, from salted caramel creamer to boba to "frappuccinos" to iced tea latte and more!

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