Chocolate Chai Smoothie Bowl (Dairy-Free, Vegan)

Jan 9, 2023| By JOI team


Jan 9, 2023| By JOI team

Chocolate Chai Smoothie Bowl (Dairy-Free, Vegan)

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A perfect morning pick-me-up, this chocolate chai smoothie bowl has all the spicy, rich flavors of a chai tea paired with delicious chocolate! Blended with JOI and topped with flax and extra cashews, it’ll be your new favorite way to start the day. 

Chocolate Chai Smoothie Bowl Recipe Made with JOI

What are the ingredients in this recipe?

We're using some basic smoothie building blocks coupled with a couple of game-changers for this recipe:

  • Strong chai tea gives this smoothie or bowl its distinctive depth of flavor - wow! And an extra pinch of cinnamon just enhances those warming flavors.
  • Frozen banana and a bit of extra sweetener (if you choose) add sweetness.
  • Cacao powder means chocolate flavor and an antioxidant boost.
  • JOI milk of choice plus an extra hit of JOI means plant based, nutritious creaminess.
  • Pro tip: it's all about the toppings for creating an interesting textural experience. How about cashews, flax seeds, dairy-free chocolate chunks?

As you can see, we’re using JOI plant milk concentrates in 2 ways for this recipe. To really get the chai flavor into the smoothie we need to steep a very strong cup of chai tea in a glass of JOI milk. Secondly, we add in some JOI to the blender when mixing up our smoothie to ensure it is as creamy as can be!  Which flavor will you choose? Almond? Cashew? Oat? Hemp? Stock up here.

Chocolate Chai Smoothie Bowl Recipe Made with JOI

How Can I Customize this Recipe?

 We love to play with our food! Here's how you can play around with this recipe:

  • Add some frozen cauliflower or frozen sweet potato to beef up the nutrition content.
  • Play around with flavors - adding espresso powder really amps up the chocolate taste. And a splash of vanilla extract could also make this recipe sing.
  • Not into bananas? Try sweetening with dates instead.
  • Add chia seeds right into the blender bowl itself.
  • Skip the cacao powder and flavor with pumpkin spice blend instead. The combination with the chai is unbeatable.
  • Substitute the chai tea with a coffee and milk.

What Other Smoothie Recipes Can I Make with JOI?

Our recipe blog is chock-full of ideas for smoothies, breakfasts and beyond.  Think of JOI as the Swiss army knife of your kitchen.  Here are a few to get you started:



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  • Great recipe. You may want to change it to putting the flaxseeds in the smoothie before it’s blended (so they grind up) because you get basically no nutrition from whole flaxseeds. They go on right through and you don’t get the benefits of the lignins and Omega’s.

    Chrissy Roth

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